I've been an artist since day one.  I  have diploma's in illustration, graphic design, and visual effects.  I love art and imagery and anything creative.  I've had cameras in my hands since as long as I can remember and come from a long line of photographers.  My father was a photojournalist.  His father was... well.... a very fine man I'm sure.  I grew up playing with film containers and posing in front of the lens.  I learned about aperture and f-stops before I learned about applesauce and toy shops.  I could load film before I could ride a bike. 


My father began teaching me at an early age.  My approach to photography has always been as he taught me:

get the shot that tellS the story.


I remember standing beside my dad in the darkroom of his office, lit by a single red light.  It was so dark I could barely see what was going on, but slowly, as if by magic, I would watch him bring images to life from a blank sheet of paper.  This is when I learned to love black and white photography.  Deep blacks, strong contrast against bright whites, and crisp details.  It's all about the subject infront of the camera. It's pure.   It's about the moment and the emotion.

My style harkens back to those days of film processing, and chemical baths.  A time when each image took time to create, and took skill to produce. I try to capture some of that experience, that magic from long ago, in this age of digital everything.   It's a style that lasts, and has stood the test of time.

My intent is always the same: to get the best image possible.  The highest quality, through the best equipment.  To create an image that tells the story of the moment, and tells that story with the simple elegance of old-school photographic artistry.   I am a person who is always striving to achieve the best.  I demand the best of myself, and always push myself to do better.  All work is done by hand, one picture at a time.  No presets, no filters.

On the day of the wedding all I ask is that you be yourself.  Be free.  Forget the camera.  Let the day happen naturally and the moments arise freely.  My job is to be there capturing those moments as they unfold, telling the story of your day.