Summer Sale!

Time for my first (annual?) summer sale!  I'm happy to offer 10% off any service that is booked during the summer.  The sale is not limited to events during the summer, just booked during the next 3 months.  While the sale is even applicable to weddings, it is only applicable to complete package weddings as outlined on the pricing page.  So, if there is anything you need photography wise, now is the time to book!

Thanks, 2014

Well, all the weddings and engagements are once again done for the year.  I feel like this was a very good year for me educationally.  I feel like I've honed my style even more, and learned a few tricks along the way to make editing all those photos a bit easier, and look a bit better.

A big thanks to all the couples and clients who chose to put their trust in me this year, and I'm looking forward to what 2015 has in store! 

Thanks all!

Oxygen - Journey of an Artist

Wooo!  This project is finally seeing the light of day.

Janey had wanted a little "mini-doc" of her trip to Orange Studios to re-record some vocals for an updated version of one of her collaborative songs.  I was starting to get into video at the time and thought it would be a good project to start out with.

Neither of us really had a clear idea of what the scope of the video was beyond the time she would be in the studio recording, so we recorded a good narrative about the stuff she has been through, and then a good days worth of video to cut together.  A storyboard probably would have been helpful, but we were just making it up as we went.  For off the cuff, we were both very happy with how it turned out.

A big thanks to Jason @ The Orange Lounge studio for letting me in there while he was working with Janey, and letting me stick my camera wherever I wanted.  I had no idea so many high profile artists had been through there until I started seeing all the things on the walls.

Due to some legal issues, the release of this had to wait until now because Janey was under some sort of contractual obligations that needs to be sorted out.  But finally, after so many months of just sitting on this, waiting for the day to come, its finally here!  Considering it was my first attempt at video, Im very happy with it (technical limitations of the camera aside).  Some of the things I learned while doing this video I was able to apply and correct to the next project, which was Isabell and Stephen's engagement video.

Im enjoying doing video, and while its alot more work than photography, I hope to keep doing it and helping people bring some great stories to a wider audience.

FREE photoshoot!


I'm look for a couple who is interested in participating in a project I am working on.  The couple must be interested in having a free photography session though... so please only inquire if you like free things!  Call it an engagement session, call it just for fun, call it what you will!  There are some small caveats attached to this offer, but I'll discuss those details with the couple upon request.  Ideal availability is July.  So if you or someone you know is looking for a free engagement session, please let them know about this!


EDITAfter getting a few requests, I realized Ill need a way to manage this and decide who to work with that is fair.  Ill leave this is an open request for a couple weeks and when we get into July Ill make a decision based on location, time/availability, etc.  The couple will need to work around my schedule for this project, and that is one of the caveats.