FREE photoshoot!


I'm look for a couple who is interested in participating in a project I am working on.  The couple must be interested in having a free photography session though... so please only inquire if you like free things!  Call it an engagement session, call it just for fun, call it what you will!  There are some small caveats attached to this offer, but I'll discuss those details with the couple upon request.  Ideal availability is July.  So if you or someone you know is looking for a free engagement session, please let them know about this!


EDITAfter getting a few requests, I realized Ill need a way to manage this and decide who to work with that is fair.  Ill leave this is an open request for a couple weeks and when we get into July Ill make a decision based on location, time/availability, etc.  The couple will need to work around my schedule for this project, and that is one of the caveats.