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Baby Sadey

My wife's friend Vanessa recently had a little girl.  After a not-so-great experience with a local photographer (they live in Barrie), she decided to bring the kids down to visit, and get some 2 month shots of baby Sadey while she was here.  I had done some shots of her son Seth when he was born a few years ago, so now the tradition keeps going with baby #2.  While we were shooting, she told me about how the other photographer doing the newborn photos refused to work with her, saying, basically, 'this is how I shoot, end of story.'.  I was pretty surprised to hear of a professional photographer offering up such an attitude to a client.  I don't claim to be a business pro by any stretch, but my number one goal when someone is paying me to provide them with a service is to do whatever I can to make sure they have a good experience and are happy with what I provide them.  So, I guess the lesson is if your photographer (or whomever) isn't working with you, they're working against you! 

Sebastian's First Birthday

I wish I had had birthdays like this when I was a kid.  Well, actually I probably wouldn't have appreciated my own personal Ice Cream AND Bbq truck, on site, all to myself (... and guests... I guess).  This was a fun afternoon at Camp Marydale, which was a place I remember from my childhood as it was one of the places we frequently went with school for fieldtrips.  It's changed alot from the little I remember, but it's definitely looking like a great place these days!  I was happy to be able to shoot for Monika, John, and their kids as they celebrated their newest's first birthday.  Having just had Nash's first birthday party a few months ago, I cant imagine trying to organize an event like this with 3 other kids as well!  But, my time is coming... soon enough.  They did a great job, and while he's too young to remember now, hopefully when he's older, Sebastian will be able to look back at these shots to see the great day his parents put together for him.  Here are a few of my favs...

Baby Johnny

It's always nice when a customer comes back.  For anyone who has looked far enough back in the journal here, you will recognize Christina from a wedding acouple years back.  Her and Ivan recently had a little boy and wanted to get some photos of him after his baptism.  I was happy to shoot for them for a couple hours, and it was nice to have him and my son Nash play together for a while as well.   The greatest part though was truly the discovery of the plush square farm animals, which are apparently available at Pottery Barn.  How appropriate.

When I look through these pictures, the best that you captured is the absolute joy our son has, and has given us. Iā€™m smiling from ear to ear!

Johnny and Nash.  Johnny seems pretty confused as to why Nash thinks his socks are so funny.  I've never figured it out either.