Baby Sadey

My wife's friend Vanessa recently had a little girl.  After a not-so-great experience with a local photographer (they live in Barrie), she decided to bring the kids down to visit, and get some 2 month shots of baby Sadey while she was here.  I had done some shots of her son Seth when he was born a few years ago, so now the tradition keeps going with baby #2.  While we were shooting, she told me about how the other photographer doing the newborn photos refused to work with her, saying, basically, 'this is how I shoot, end of story.'.  I was pretty surprised to hear of a professional photographer offering up such an attitude to a client.  I don't claim to be a business pro by any stretch, but my number one goal when someone is paying me to provide them with a service is to do whatever I can to make sure they have a good experience and are happy with what I provide them.  So, I guess the lesson is if your photographer (or whomever) isn't working with you, they're working against you!