Subaru Interior

A project I've wanted to do for a while now, finally done!  After having my car interior stripped out for a few years as part of an interior-swap project, I finally got all the pieces together and installed, and it's all back together.  Motivated by the fact that I needed to have a car seat in the back for Nash, I knew I had to get important things back in the car, such as rear seats (key!).  The original interior color of this car is blue, which I think is a pretty poor choice on Subaru's part, but thats how it goes I guess.  Thanks to those who traded or sold me the required black parts (seats, door cars, carpet), as I think the end results look great.  So, an hour last night shooting out in the garage, and a few hours of editing today, and this project is in the bag!  Next car project will hopefully be an exterior shot when I get all the business branding decals put on.  Stay tuned!

Janey 2

This shot was part of the same series we did for the original shoot with Janey, a few posts down.  Of the few she chose as keepers, I only ended up working on 1 (the one posted earlier), and this one was put on hold.  Then she was told she was getting a spread in a magazine and wanted to use this shot as well, so I scrambled to get it done in time for the submission.  I think I like this one better than the original.  Just something about it seems more crisp, or right, or good, or great?!  .... I like it.

A Family Portrait

Recently, Patricia asked me if I could do a few shots of her kids and the family, in my unique style, after doing a bunch for her office and staff.  While I thought family portraits should be a bit more 'traditional', I think these turned out pretty good and are a nice mix between formal and retouched.

Since they are a very musically inclined family, we decided to gather around the piano for the family shot, and then have Connor and Mikayla posing with their violins.

It was a quick couple hours of lighting and shooting, but the retouching ended up being more work than I was anticipating.  For the family portrait we shot everyone individually and I put them all together after the fact.  I did this because I didnt want anyone accidentally casting shadows on anyone else due to the limited space in the piano room to place a family AND lights!

In the end it worked though, and I'm quite happy with the results.