Holly & Brendan

My old friend Brendan got married!  He was kind enough to call me to take some pictures for him.  While I haven't known Brendan a super long time, most of the time in the past we spent hanging out in garages while he helped void any warranties that may be left on my car.  Im not used to seeing him in a shirt and tie... at least ones that arent covered in oil and  grease.  So it was fun to see that he can cleaned up well after all.

This was a short little wedding at the Drake Pub in Mississauga.  The English theme of the place went well with the family heritage as well.  Plus, the benefit of having your wedding at a pub is that there is an unlimited amount of chicken wings! 

When we had discussed plans initially back in the summer, we had decide they wanted to do an "epic photo" much in the style of one Id done of Brendan a couple years ago.  I have this stylized portrait on my services page, but have yet to have a couple want to go for it.  Im glad they did though as I now have a sample to show.  Here is what we came up with... 

click to enlarge!