Happy Birthday

... to me!  32 today... yikes.  I still feel 23 though.  You might get older on paper, and your bills might get 'more adult', but as long as you don't feel old, who cares! 

(Cake donations are now being accepted.)

I decided to snap a picture today... a self-portrait I guess... while Christine opted for a couch nap in the middle of the day.  I figured it was a good day to get a shot, seeing as I now has this wonderful winter beard which I will be cutting off soon to allow my face to enjoy summer as well.  All I have are cell phone pictures of us (me and Beardo), so a proper picture was in order.

There were some out-takes, of course.  Poses that were meant to emphasize the full meaning of beard ownership...

So, I've had my fun for today.  Tomorow I may treat myself to some camera gear as a
"birthday business expense", and in preparation for the summer shooting season.

Stay tuned!  Stay frosty!