Highway Fire

We were sitting on the couch last night, trying to make our way through Zero Dark Thirty (seems there was distraction after distraction) and I kept thinking I was smelling coffee.  Nice dark roast, full fragrance coffee.  I said "I  WANT some coffee!".  Instead of getting some though, for some reason I turned around to look out the window.  Through the trees I saw some odd orange/brown colors, which turned out to be the big column of smoke rising from a fire on the other side of the soundwall on the highway!  So, like any good photographer I grabbed my camera and ran outside to get a few pics (while like any good wife, Christine told me to stay inside and look at the floor).

For once, living, basically, on the highway on-ramp had its advantages and I was able to get right onto the side of the highway and shoot straight across traffic.  A few minutes later Christine came and pulled my back in the house by my ear.