Janey Brown

My friend Janey is an up and coming singer/songwriter.  Actually maybe you've seen her singing and dancing for the intro to Friday Night Football on TSN...?  Anyway she wanted a new promo/head shot so I said we could definitely do something!

This was definitely her favorite capture of the evening.  We took many shots and narrowed it down to 3.  Ive editted 2 so far, and this one is my favorite so far.

I think it was pretty lucky capture.  Using the 85 1.2 lens wide open, the DOF was extremely shallow, and with it being such a slow lens to focus, I knew capturing a good hair-whip in focus would be next to impossible.  So I asked her to pose in her 'ending position', focused there, then had her do the hair-whip.... and hopefully she ended up coming to rest where we had set the focus at!  Forunately this one worked.