Erin & Josh

This was one of those days that just flew by!  We only had about an hour with both Erin and her girls, and Josh and the guys, before we all had to run off from Kitchener to Cambridge to get to the Mill on time.  It just seemed like it was non stop running back and forth, trying to get pictures of the venue between sprints to the other end of the Mill to see if Erin's limo was pulling up yet!  Thankfully it wasn't a terribly hot day, so it was manageable.   I also decided to break with tradition and try some flash lighting on the dance floor.  Im glad I did because it got realy dark after sunset!


We really enjoyed having Aaron as our photographer. His unique style and image really shows in the pictures that he takes. He captures the moment rather than taking your typical posed pictures. He lets you call the shots but adds his own little twist to each shot....we would definitely recommend him to others, when looking for a wedding photographer!

-Erin & Josh


A great venue on the water, lots of fun and activity happening all around, and more Hornblower jokes than I've heard anywhere else (Josh's last name).  All in all, a fast and hectic day, but some great shots to show for it...