Bath Time 2 - The Video!

I took a break from editting the latest wedding from the May 24th weekend (stay tuned for that shortly) to do this little video of my son during bath time.  Christine had just asked me to take some pictures, but since Id already done that during a previous bath, I flipped the camera over to video mode.  After a few minutes I decided I could actually make something out of this, so I got enough footage to make a little video.  No tripod, no lights, just the camera and 1 lens.... though now I wish I'd used a tripod.  Put it together in a few hours the following day, and the hardest part of the whole project was finding music!  Im still not crazy about the low quality compression the camera delivers for video, but for the quick turnaround time, Im happy with how it turned out, and people think its cute, so it's served its purpose.  Enjoy!

PS. Please remember to enable HD in the player window (click the little gear icon once the video is playing) as there is currently no way I could find to embed the video and have it automatically set to 720 or 1080.