City Tour Flight

Here is another bunch of photos I've been sitting on for a while.  It was sometime in the spring since you can still see snow on the ground.

Now for some name dropping.... my old friend Scott Wilson asked me if I'd like to go with him for a city tour flight one day back a few months ago.  You may know Scott from such TV shows as Departures, and more recently Descending.

I was surprised that it was actually a bit of a challenge to shoot in such a small space.  I'm used to shooting out the little window of an airline as it floats gently through the clouds, not these little Cessnas that barely have enough room for 2 people in the front, and shake your bones loose (that's a slight exaggeration). 

The last time I'd been in a small plane like that I was (or was almost) very sick, so I was a bit nervous, but all went well.  I got to see the house where I grew up, my parents current house, my current house, and of course all the pretty lights over downtown Toronto.  I took a few shots along the way and promised Scott too long ago that I'd post them.  Well I guess that day has finally come! As promised to Scott, here are a few shots from our hour in the skies together...