Cynthia & Abel

This job was a pleasant surprise.  I first heard from Abel through a car forum I am a part of.  I haven't been on the forum in a very long time, but long ago I posted a thread to advertise my site here.  Somehow Able found it and buried deep in the list of threads on that forum, and contacted me.


“Aaron captured moments we didn’t think possible! His creative style and artistic talent are the reasons we chose to have him as our photographer and we’re absolutely pleased with the results; the photos are fantastic! He’s great to work with, easy going and made the whole experience enjoyable. Thanks Aaron!””

-Cynthia & Abel


While the main wedding was a destination event in Turks And Caicos, Cynthia and Abel wanted some photos of their reception here with all of their family present.  It was a shorter day than usual, but was pretty complete minus the actual ceremony.  I was also treated to a new (to me) traditional of fighting for the bride, where the groom has to run the gauntlet of tricks and traps to be allowed to pick-up his bride.  Fortunately the worst of it was limited to lemon wedges, wasabi peas, and kissing your brother!  Here are a few of my favorite shots of the day...