Kathryn & Chris

I'm glad Kathryn and Chris were my first wedding of 2018, and my first wedding after my break last year.  Another great couple who, more than anything, just wanted to have fun on their wedding day, and not get hung up on all the perfect details.  Inevitably during the day, couples get flustered because something has gone slightly off plan or off schedule, and I end up reminding people that weddings never go according to plan, and to just enjoy things as they come.  But, I don't think that ever came up with Kathryn or Chris!  Of course we had a few delays, our photo location was closed, but everyone kept on smiling and, in the end, it all worked out just fine!

Aaron is a patient and very easy to work with guy. We knew going in that his work was amazing, but working with him on our wedding day was a dream. Even with a few bumps in the day and some disorganization, he managed to save us and help deliver some fantastic photos. Definitely glad we found him to document our special day! Thanks Aaron!
— Kathryn & Chris

While this was only a half day of shooting for me, it was nice to get back to Dundas, where I grew up, and photograph for them in places I'd run around as a kid.  Since our primary photo location was unavailable, I was able to suggest an alternate, and get us there quickly.  Local knowledge!  Overall, it was a fast and fun day, and a great way to start the year.   Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day...