Matt & James

As I probably mentioned back when I posted Matt & James' engagement shots, they came to me by way of my wife, Christine.  Matt was a client at her salon, and when it came up that he was engaged, she recommended me, and here we are! 

Aaron was a great photographer. He was organized, creative, and patient. Aaron was on time, and kept to plans that we had outlined together. The wedding day went so smoothly, and we thank him for gorgeous memories he collected for us.
— Matt & James

I was only with Matt and James for a few hours on the day of the wedding, but it was enough time to get some nice shots in and around the Millcroft Spa.  Even though this winter hasn't been much of one, like last year's wedding in Banff, the night before we got just enough snow to cover the ground, thankfully.  So, while it was a short job to start 2016, I was happy to shoot for them, and I'm glad to have had the chance to work with them on their day.