Matt & James - Engagement

Matt and James came my way through my wife's Salon.  Matt had seen her for his haircuts a while back and it came up that he was engaged.  She put us in touch with each other and here we are!   We got together for a quick walk around the neighborhood on a pretty cold day, less than 24hrs after I had chipped a molar on a granola bar.  So, ever breath in gave me a nice dose of sensitive tooth pain in the back of my mouth.  We warmed up at the end at the Indie Ale House on Dundas (thanks for letting me in with my camera Indie Ale House!).  While I was hoping the weather kept it together, it did snow briefly and ended up looking great.  After reviewing the shots, I wished it had snowed more!  But, I think I got some nice shots for them, and was happy to shoot!   Stay tuned for the wedding in February.