Melissa & Corey

This was the last wedding of the season.  I'd met Melissa when I was at the optometry office where she worked, doing some headshots for the staff.  We talked about her upcoming wedding, and while that was almost 2 years ago, finally, here we are.

While this was only a half day wedding, it seemed I ended up with many more shots than I was expecting... which is always a good thing.  The Mill in Cambridge is always a nice place to shoot, so its pretty easy to find a nice place to aim the camera.  We also had great weather for the end of the season... probably one of the last nice weekends.  So, it came together to make for a nice quick day of shooting.  It was nice to shoot for Melissa and Corey, as they're very laid back, and were up for anything.  It was also interesting to compare my last wedding from here from years ago, to this one now, to see how I've personally evolved.  The shots we got in the evening on the balcony were some of my favs, and I remember last time, not feeling it as much.  So, going in knowing what to expect, and having a better eye now, I think they turned out very nice.  So, overall, personally I think I've come a long way since my first trip to the Mill, and hopefully Melissa and Corey can reap those benefits!

Here are a few of my favs from the day...