Shileen & Mark

Mark is an old friend of mine.  We met back in highschool, oh so many years ago, and we've stayed friends since then.  We've shared a love of all things Subaru, and both had Impreza WRX's done up in the full rally decal treatment as a local tribute to the Subaru World Rally Team (click here if interested in seeing a pic of mine!).  If it wasn't Subaru, it was Simpsons.  We can't have a discussion that doesn't have at least a handful of Simpsons jokes or references thrown in. 

I remember years ago when Mark first met Shileen.  They met at yoga class, and it seemed almost daily that Mark would come on MSN and ask tell me what had happened, what he should do next, and how to win over Shileen.  I'm not sure I gave him any good advice, but he definitely did something right, because here we are, years later, and they're now married!

I don't think I've been to a wedding more well planned than this one.  Even months before, at their shower, the details and thought that went into tying it all together was pretty impressive.  They decided to have the wedding in Banff as they wanted a 'fairy tale snowy wedding'.  Unfortunately, Banff had its warmest season in years.  The day before, we were standing in the field for the rehearsal, and there was grass and dense fog, and everyone was worried there would be no snow, but, by some miracle, overnight it ended up snowing a few inches and the clouds and fog cleared.  The temperatures were comfortable for everyone, but they still had the snow they wanted.  Win/win for all!

We got to hit a few great locations that I'm sure I'll never be back to, as I'm not a skier or much of a snow sports person.  We wrapped it all up at the Fairmont hotel, which might as well be a castle.  I doubt I'll ever shoot in a castle again... but who knows!

Aaron, as per usual, you’ve gone above and beyond with your effort, expertise, and delivery. We are so thankful that you and Ryan agreed to shoot our wedding. It’s sometimes difficult when friends get involved with the business end of things. This was truly a unique circumstance that worked. I’ve got to say, we got compliments about our photographers from our guests! I’m sure that doesnt happen every day.

Thank you thank you thank you!

PS. parking was ample.
— Shileen & Mark

All in all, it was a great time.  Not only was it a great place to shoot, but I got to work with my friend and fellow photographer Ryan Edwardson, as he is also a friend of Marks, and he asked both of us to shoot.  It was a great few days spent with lots of highschool friends, shooting in some great locations, and capturing some great memories for Mark and Shileen.  Thanks for having me out to shoot for you!

As a fun side note, Shileen and Mark requested 1 special picture in the spirit of silly wedding pictures.  I think they had seen a dinosaur escape type picture somewhere, but since this was a wintery themed wedding, they thought it would be fun to be running from the monster from Frozen.  So, at the end of the editting I put this together in a couple hours.