Elly & Steve

I was thinking about doing a cheesey airplane joke here, but I'll pass. 

Elly and Steve are both pilots for a shipping/freight airline.  The theme of the wedding was then naturally all about planes.  It took place on Hamilton mountain at the Warplane Heritage Museum, which is right across the street from where they work (if I understood correctly).  This definitely made for some unique shots, and it was very cool to be able to get into the hanger where a few planes were being painted.  Lots of nice detail in those shots


We got alot of great comments about the wedding pictures, and what we got from you blew the doors off what we had taken by family and friends. There were many unique shots around the airplanes and in the hanger that had cool effects. Some of the lighting was very challenging but you sure made it work.

If we have any friends or family that are getting married, we’ll make sure to send them to you. Thanks again very much.

-Steve and Elly


Another great highlight was being able to go out on the tarmac and stick Elly right up on one of the engine cowlings.  I'm surprised this was allowed, but I guess when you work there, and everyone is "on board" (had to), its not such a big deal.

This was another short day.... only 3 hrs... but still lots of great shots were crammed into that short time.  Here are some of my favs...