Christina & Ivan

Christina and Ivan are friends of ours (my wife and I, actually Christina and her work together).  They came to our wedding in Mexico last year, so I was happy to be a part of theirs.


“Thanks, Aaron, for capturing our wedding with such creativity and authenticity! We’re looking for someone like you because first and foremost, you are an awesome artist! You shared our vision right away and made it a reality! Your blog photos are amazing and the USB photos are fabulous! Thanks so much for everything, you truly made us feel comfortable on such a big day!”

-Christina & Ivan


This was a quick day; only 4 hrs of shooting, and lots of time spent sitting in traffic downtown.  For such a short day though, we seemed to hit lots of locations, which made for some great shots.  It also helps when working with friends, as then I can be more myself, and not worry so much about having to make a good impression... cause they already know Im great :P  It was also fun to hang out with Ivan for the day, as we are pretty similar people it seems, sharing lots of outlooks on things.   I think I need one of those I ♥ Ivan shirts, too.

I did alot more color pictures for this wedding.  I feel I had somewhat of a break-through regarding color processing, but it seems all my favorites below are still mostly black and whites.  No problem though... Im still happy with all these shots.