Stephanie & Patrick

Pat was a friend of a friend from many years ago.  Back in the college days in one of my original bands, Pat was a friend of the vocalist/guitarist and would come out to our shows.  We stayed in touch over the years, jabbing each other occasionally on MSN and Facebook about bands, drummers, and other musical things.  A couple years ago when I saw he was engaged, I offered to shoot for him, and they were kind enough to take me up on the offer.

This was a nice day, with beautiful weather, a lovely church, and another trip down to the Distillery district.  The highlight was probably learning of Pat's great crafting skills, as Illustrated in the nice card he made for Steph, the string of thank-you letters, and most of the things on the table at the reception.

It was a nice day and I was quite happy with alot of the shots I got.  Here are a few of my favorites...

Probably one of my favorite shots to date.  Not sure why, I just realy like it.

Another one of my all time favs I think.  All receptions should have a subtle fog machine running to add great atmosphere like this.