Ira & Shawn

I met Ira and Shawn when I responded to a kijiji ad.  They were selling some camera gear as Ira is a videographer.  When I went over to their house to pick it up, we ended up talking cameras for a while and when I noticed her engagement ring, I asked if they needed a photographer for the wedding.  Im glad I did!  I don't always speak up when I see engagement rings... but I try to as often as I can.

We made a perfect decision in asking Aaron to shoot our wedding. He was everywhere at once, it seemed, and yet invisible — unobtrusive, interacting skillfully with the guests only as needed. Friendly and competent in giving instruction to friends & family for some of the more “formal” shots. During the ceremony & reception, we didn’t need to instruct him on which moments were more important than others to capture, when doing both was impossible; he made all the right choices. Extra points for staying late, too, as the ceremony and reception were off-schedule from the first minute. The stylistic editing was exactly what we wanted. Overall, amazing!

-Ira & Shawn

This was a small wedding, and a bit shorter than a full day, but it was a great location at the Mill in Ancaster.  I drive passed it all the time when I'm in the area visiting my parents, though I haven't actually been there since I was a kid.  It realy is a very picturesque location and made for some very nice backdrops.  Unfortunately we started to run out of light quickly as the ceremony was at 6pm, so we were unable to do some of the shots Ira and I had in mind.  However, on the plus side, the shot on the bridge with the flashes turned out very nice as an alternate to the original plan for the bridge.....  Always adapting.  Overall a great day with great people.

Here are a few of my favorites from the day...

And a small bonus...