Josie & Neilson

I was glad to have met Josie and Neilson... quite a pair.  On one hand crazy exuberant, and the other quiet and collected.  Guess which is which!  Though, both just very nice, down-to-earth, honest people, who were comfortable being themselves, and letting me be myself as well.  So much so they said I should wear shorts to the wedding if that would make me more comfortable (I took them up on that offer, during the reception)! 

The beauty and realism through which Aaron captured our special day speaks volumes to his creative vision, impeccable timing and connection to his clients. He showed great respect for our traditions while suspending some wild party moments in timelessness. We are overjoyed and tremendously grateful for Aaron’s talents and having shared these precious moments under his watchful eye. Amazing job Aaron, quite simply - amazing!
— Josielynn & Neilson

It was so easy to work with both of them, it realy was a day that, despite being the longest wedding I've done to date, flew by and never left me feeling like I was waiting for something, or lacking in interesting things to shoot.  Ontop of that, their appreciation for all my effort as well as the images I've given them was awesome, and rarely have I felt that my work honestly meant as much as it did to a client than it seemed to mean to these two.  So, as usual, here is a brief summary of the day...

I didn't even know I had this shot until I reviewed all the shots days later.  I couldn't have gotten this shot if i planned it and tried for 10 days straight (the bouquet being frozen perfectly infront of my flash on the other side of the room).