Meghan & Sean

When I first met with Meghan and Sean and they described how they were planning their wedding day, I was optimistic at what they had in mind.  While we didn't get much passed the description of "the wedding will be at Sean's parent's house", I pretty quickly envisioned how I hoped things would look.  A wedding at a house can be a tricky thing, as a house isn't realy a place that's designed to hold lots of people, or be a well lit make-up studio, or a cool dance venue.  Fortunately, the day did no disappoint.  Sean's parents had recently finished construction on the house and grounds and they were pretty awesome as you can see.  So when you have a great backdrop to work with, and are welcomed by a great family to "make yourself at home", and get to shoot 2 people who are used to being under the spot light, it makes for a good day of shooting indeed.  Here are some of my favorites from the day...

For us, working with Aaron meant confidence and peace of mind. We could relax knowing that all the special moments of our wedding would be captured beautifully. Aaron came through with such a wonderful collection of photos that we get to experience the joy of our wedding day again and again. Thank you Aaron!

— Meghan & Sean